Sienna Woods

This series of photographs grew out of the desire to photograph woods in the winter time. It was originally to be titled "The Winter Brush Series". The name was changed to "Sienna Woods" to more accurately describe the subject matter and the subsequent sepia tone later applied to the printing.

Originally the negatives were printed by traditional means in a wet darkroom. The paper of choice was Agfa Multicontrast Classic Matte. That paper was discontinued and in order to continue adding new images to the series, it was necessary to scan all of the negatives and reprint them digitally on archival inkjet media. However a new darkroom paper has surfaced which mimics the Agfa paper and I am now pleased to announce that I can once again print these images by traditional means.

This work has been shown at the PhotoZone Gallery and the Jacobs Gallery in Eugene, Oregon.

I am beginning to print many of the Sienna Woods series in Platinum/Palladium. Some images lend themselves nicely to this medium, others do not.

Below are all of the images that appeared in the book Sienna Woods available from Blurb - see home page.

Sunset at the Arboretum


Brush near Waldport

Snarled Brush

Underbrush near Waldport

Tunnel Trees

Morning at the Arboretum

Sunrise, Waldo Lake

Leprechaun Path

Brush near Driftwood Beach

Blackwater at Ona Beach

Cloud Reflections

Leaf Transmission

Fall Creek Leaves

Whittaker Creek Cathedral

Blow at Cook's Chasm

Violence at Bear Creek

Umpqua Light

Waldo Lake Reflections

Morning at Waldo Lake

Arboretum Meadow

Little Cultus Lake

Emergence - The Spider

Stump at Shore Acres

Old Timer

Tree of Light

Near Clearwater Falls

North Umpqua Trailhead

Palo Duro Brush

Tree Stand near Waldport

Arboretum Streams

Hell's Backbone

Along the Coos Bay Wagon Road

The Blow

Near Cougar Reservoir

Arboretum cloud formations