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Inkjet prints made at O'Brien Photo Imaging are made with Archival Epson Ultrachrome HDX pigments or the Epson Ultrachrome HD pigment ink system. Both can have a very long life expectancy depending on papers used and their display conditions. There is no guarantee of any number in years given by the printer since there are many variables affecting the eventual outcome. It is know for certain that they will outlast the traditional wet processes used by some labs. Note these processes were predominately used before the advent of inkjet pigment printing and some lower priced prints are still made that way even from digital files.

Some inkjet papers have optical brighteners which will fade in time. This fading can affect the color in the brighter areas of the image moving those tones to a warmer color. It is know that these papers will definitely change in time depending on the amount of ultraviolet light exposure such as flourescent or sunlight.

PAPERS THAT ARE THE MOST ARCHIVAL (no optical brightners)

Simply Elegant Gold Fibre
- a very smooth baryta coated paper that looks and feels similar to traditional air dried glossy darkroom papers. This is our most popular paper. It has a very wide color gamut and works well with black and white or color images.

Moab Juniper Baryta - a hybrid paper that has a 100% cotton rag backing with a slightly reflective matte finish that resembles some of the darkroom papers of the past like Agfa Brovira or Kodak Ektalure.

Epson Hot Press Natural - a slightly warm tone smooth surface matte paper made of 100% cotton rag

Museo Textured Rag - this paper is the closest to a textured watercolor paper and has as stiff base.

PAPER WITH OPTICAL BRIGHTNERS - longer lasting than RC (resin coated papers)

Epson Hot Press Bright - a cold tone smooth surface matte paper made of 100% cotton rag

Harman Glossy warmtone - our highest gloss non RC paper, suitable for those wanting a glossy paper that is not resin coated.

Harman Gloss Art Fiber by Hahnemuhle - a shiny textured paper on a heavy base material useful for reproducing the look of oil colored originals.


We also have Epson glossy and luster papers which have the look of RC photo papers with excellent color rendition. They are not considered archival.


Our canvas is an actual canvas designed for inkjet printing. It can be stretched on a frame like any canvas. It works well with any image. The image can extended to be a part of the wrap around the stretchbar. If the image isn't used for the wrap a solid color can substitute. This costs a bit extra due to more ink and paper requirements.


We also print on Inkpress White Gloss Film and Inkpress Transparency Film. These are typically used to create digital negatives (see our segment on digital negatives in the main menu), but can work for final prints too. The White gloss film comes closest to the look of Cibachrome which was a film based print material no longer being manufactured. The arcival nature of prints made on this film is unknown.


All papers with the exception of the films can be coated with Print Shield which is a UV clear protectant coating. A matte medium is also available to retard the gloss on some papers if desired.