This represents my first and lasting love where photography is concerned. I do print some of the images on digital materials, however there are some that are only printed on traditional silver gelatin papers in the darkroom.

I continue to shoot primarily film for Black and White. Now with digital processing techniques, it is possible to get excellent results by converting color images to Black and White. This includes digital captures. Good quality is possible from digital cameras, but I like the tactile experience of handling film. I use mostly medium and large format film.

My newest project is to learn the platinum/palladium printing process. After about 3 years, the process seems to be quite managable, though not suitable for all images.

The images depicted here are in a new book entitled "Black and White Photography by Walt O'Brien". Many of these images appeared in the book "Sienna Woods" as well. All worked well printed as both neutral and sepia toned prints. The books are available from - see main page.

Mirror Lake, Yosemite National Park

Chasm Falls, Rocky Mountain National park

Silver Falls, Mount Rainier National Park

Mt. Rainier in Winter

Mt. Rainier Peak in Winter

North Cascades National Park

Kangaroo ridge, near North Cascades National Park

Cliff Face, Arches National Park

Wash and Cliff, Arches National Park

Devil's Golf Course, Death Valley National Park

Cottonwood and Cliff, Colorado River near Moab, Utah

Sprouts, Redwood State Park, California

"Old Timer", Warewood Valley, Oregon

"Emergence, The Spider", Warewood Valley, Oregon

Tree Clump, Near Waldport, Oregon

Brush, Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

Snarled Brush, Near Waldport, Oregon

Tree Tunnel, near Waldport, Oregon

Morning, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, Oregon

"Tree of Light", near Five Rivers, Oregon

Morning, Waldo Lake, Oregon

Windblown Trees, Cooks Trail, Oregon

Trees, West Glacier, Montana

"White Death", Hell's Backbone, Escalante, Utah

Patterson State Park, Oregon

Snag and Moon, Lava Cast Forest, Oregon

Arboretum Meadow, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, Oregon

Stump #2, Shore Acres, Oregon

Forest Cathedral, Whitaker Creek, Oregon

Morning Light, Lake Selmac, Oregon

Trees and Moss, Sweet Creek, Oregon

Brush Study, Strawberry Hill, Oregon Coast

Driftwood Beach, Oregon

The Blow, Little Cultus Lake, Oregon

Stump #1, Shore Acres, Oregon

Stump #1 Revisited, Shore Acres, Oregon

Mount Thielsen from Crater Lake, Oregon

Mount Shasta Weed, California

Clouds Along Highway 50, Nevada

Factory Butte, Utah

Stacked Rocks #1, Carmel Beach, California

Stacked Rocks #2, Carmel Beach, California

Eroded Rocks, Smelt Sands, Oregon

"Trail to the Sun", Waldport, Oregon

"Blackwater Reflections", Ona Beach, Oregon

“Raindrops”, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene, Oregon

Coos Bay Wagon Road, Oregon

Sunset, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Eugene,Oregon

"Floating Bones", Palo Duro Canyon, Texas

Sunset, Yachats, Oregon

Spouting Horn, Cooks Trail, Oregon

Split Stream, North Umpqua River trail, Oregon

Garden Lake Park, Creswell, Oregon

"Umpqua Light", North Umpqua River, Oregon

Near Cougar Reservoir, Oregon

"Violence" at Bear Creek, Oregon

Little Cultus Lake, Oregon

Waldo Lake Pond, Oregon

Alsea Falls, Oregon

Shadows and Streams, Mt. Pisgah Arboretum, Oregon

Snowstorm, Diamond Lake, Oregon

Barn, Kings Valley, Oregon

Happy Hollow Nursery, Mulino, Oregon

Gas Pump at Happy Hollow Nursery, Mulino, Oregon

San Francisco de Asis Parish, Rancho de Taos, New Mexico

Birds Behind, San Francisco de Asis Parish, Rancho de Taos, New Mexico